Real Estate Broker Commissions Seattle

Real Estate Broker Commissions

If you are planning on using a real estate agent or broker to help you to deal with either the purchasing or selling of real estate in Seattle, you should definitely hire a fully licensed real estate broker Seattle company that will operate within the state, and you can use Washington Secretary of State’s Licensee Info Search, which is an easy tool to find a great one. You can also sign a legally contractual agreement, that will ensure that there will not be a negative surprise when the sale is finally complete.

Do I need a written agreement?

While technically a written agreement is not required, it is generally an acceptable way to minimise the confusion between the property owner or the tenant and then the real estate agent. Even if the property owner denies the real estate broker money in legally securing a tenant or buyer, the actual agent is definitely entitled to compensation for the time and service that they have made throughout the sale that secured the owner or tenant using a signed lease agreement.

Real Estate Broker Employment Contract Agreement

Inside the agreement the property owner shall enlist the necessary services of any broker that will secure a buyer or tenant on the terms of the property owner. That property owner is not now liable to pay commission if there has been a failure to secure the sale. An introduction or instead a viewing of any property is not a legal confirmation that the sale has been finalized.

Real Estate Broker Commission Implied Contract

A broker will need to be clear and notify any recipient that the final real estate services have been executed primarily for the recipient that has requested their specific services, as this can help to avoid any potential conflict of interest. It will also be made exclusively clear to the secured broker that commission can only be paid on the final securing property and not just based on interested parties viewing the property.

Additionally, there needs to be direct consent from the property owner. If a real estate broker Seattle firm simply offers unsolicited services this shall not automatically permit any broker to an unagreed commission, unless they have been given the owner’s permission to perform work on the owner’s behalf beforehand.

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