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Business Litigation Attorney

As the best real estate attorney firm in Seattle, we also provide the best Seattle business litigation attorney services, which includes representing both borrowers and lenders, vendees and vendors, corporations, distributors, collection agencies and all business entities. We provide business litigation attorney services for all business-related conflicts that require an attorney that you or your company may have been confronted with recently. We proudly accomplish these services for all of our clients in the city of Seattle and surrounding areas.

Seattle Business Litigation Attorney Services

As you may be aware, there are several types of business conflicts that you may face at any given time, making our Seattle business litigation attorney services extensive and varied. This requires complete knowledge of all possible conflicts and law surrounding these conflicts. Here are just some of the litigation services that we specialise in including:

Breach of Contract

Our Seattle business litigation attorneys handle all breach of contact cases and we will represent any of the parties named in the disputes. Breach of contract disputes can involve tenancy, delivery of goods or services, bad faith negotiations and any other legal issue that may relate to contract and transactions law.

Injunctive Relief

A popular service that has gained more traction which we provide our clients is injunction relief, and if a situation arises where court order is required that will stop a party from doing something considered legally objectionable now or in future, or could compel a party to take an affirmative action, then we shall petition to the court immediately on an expedited basis. There are many kinds of injunctive relief processes that we have consistently and successfully fought for our clients in the past and will continue to do so.


Replevin requires that wrongfully held property by any party must be legally returned to the opposing party while the case is still awaiting ongoing trial for damages. This is one of the extensive and effective legal tactics that we often use to obtain a legal court order, which requires the return of the property. If completed and successful, it can result in a fast settlement rather than the alternative expensive and lengthy litigation that could proceed.

Lien Foreclosure and Enforcement

Our Seattle business litigation attorney can represent either party in actions that will enforce liens and/or foreclose on commercial or residential property for repeated issues of non-payment. This can include anything from contactors in mechanics lien actions, to homeowners and mortgage lien holders.


A very significant service for our clients, which is a civil action for damages solely based upon fraudulent activities and can be brought upon if a party had at some point reasonably relied on false representation of another with the intent to commit fraud for any reason. As a reputable and respectable firm, we are vehemently against any fraudulent practices, and we will vigorously pursue all claims of fraudulence where necessary.

Enforcement, Collections and Appeals

If a party is indebted to another party or they have been found liable for any damages but have refused to pay the court appointed judgement, we will aggressively sue and fight for any and all compensation using collective actions of other additional enforcement litigation. We represent both individuals and companies who are currently disputing said court judgements.

Business Litigation Attorney Seattle

If in the past you have experienced a vendor fail to deliver promised goods, an employment dispute, a potential breach of contract or other business matters that require litigation, then you should immediately consult with a business litigation attorney Seattle company such as ourselves. We will prosecute and defend all legal claims with the efficiency, speed and personalised dedication that you will need and expect to keep your operations running smoothly, effectively and productively. We will remove all distraction away from the lawsuit and help you focus on your day-to-day business activities. If you are looking for the best Seattle business litigation attorney, contact Real Estate Attorney Seattle today!

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